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Let's Make Yogurt! - To Bev Volfie at Half Acre Holmstead

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Bev, fellow blogspot blogger!

Yu be workin’ too hard on your yogurt, girl.

Do you think for one minute our foremothers had double boilers and koolers to make this stuff?  Not on your tintype.

‘Be doin this for years and am presently at the less work stage I be findin so far.

Down here in the civilized lower 48, we get our milk just the way it comes off the tree – 1 real gallon (no, not one of dem liter thingys, gallons they way God be meanin’ for us to live) jugs.

Now, by way of background, one of the kids of my partner had a science teacher be tellin him when he get first sign of scratchy throat, eat one cup of plan white yogurt.  As my partner always, says, “excess” – I drink a quart of either yogurt or kefir a day and haven’t had a cold, flue or anythin else for years.  And I don’t even be belivin in goin’ to the medico folks.

Ok, nuff about that let’s make yogurt:

Take one of dem one gallon plastic jugs of milk dat be opened and some of da milk already be used.

Spoon in several teasoons of plan white (can I still say that?) yogurt I purchase from my local Safeway and shake da bottle like craze to make sure it all mixed in. After it all settles down pour in enough milk to fill da jug.  Set it out somehere in my kitchen, living room, cupboard, work table, your choice until it thickens, curtles, seperates, depending on how long you waited before you realized you’d let sit longer than you planned (8 – 24 hrs depending on the room temp), then put it in the fridge.

Now, have I put powdered milk in mine before?  Yes.  Do I need to? I don’t.  Others might and I like the idea someone sent you that to put half and half or in my case, heavy cream (It be my drink of choice.) to mkake it thick.

Now, when my yogurt is at the considtency I want it, I put it in the frige – that be stopin dhem little bugs dat make the yogurt.

I use it ‘til I be bout out and start the whole process again by pouring enough milk in da jug to pretty much fill it, droppin’ in some fresh plain store-bought yogurt and we be off to da races.  Do I wash the jug?  Not usually and I often go months with the same jug.  My guess is yogurt is an acid and kilt most all the other little uglies that might attempt to live in it.  No big deal.

For those that want greek yogurt, I’ve used the Melitta #6 coffee filters in the appropriate utincle and jug

Melitta 640616 10-Cup Manual Cone Filter Gourmet Coffeemaker for 10 or 11 bucks US with the #6 filter.  I either drink da whey dat drains out or cook with it (bread, soups stews, and the like). 

Now, I do pretty much the same thing with kefir and it works also.

Is this complicated? No, and it works well.

Thanks for your good vids, I’ll have to listen/watch others. 

Much thanks, X

My recommend is to not dismiss dis way of makin’ yogurt ‘til you give it a shot (can I be sayin’ dat in Canada or even PC America?)  with even a ltr of your milk up there.  Whtchew got ta lose?

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